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Lean Driven Reliability

an alternative for your plant's


Results without the wait & up front investment 

Save 25%

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About Me...

For 32 years I was a manufacturing leader in a Fortune 200 company.   I've been a plant manager, department manager, engineer, and global consultant serving 31 locations in eight countries.   I retired in 2019 to teach and share an alternative solution for creating a reliability culture given today's business challenges; specifically, the expectation of quarter over quarter improvement.

By combining lean concepts with reliability best practices, I have crafted a journey that produces rapid and sustainable results that engage the entire organization from top to bottom.   Investments are self-funded with results. I feel obligated to share this process with you.

I've written a book, "Zero to Hero: How to Jumpstart your Reliability Journey given today's business challenges", and I have a YouTube Channel "Reliability Man"

Link to my Book

Link to YouTube

How I Can Help You

Your Reliability Guide

I will be your teacher, coach, and guide through an assessment, roadmap creation, implementation and obstacles.   Typically 5 days a month on site and phone call coaching between visits.   Typically this is 12 months.

(Ask about my guarantee)

Site Assessment & Roadmap Creation

I will teach, coach, and guide you through an assessment and roadmap creation.  This is typically 1-2  weeks on site depending on plant site.  Phone call coaching available during implementation. 


(Ask about my guarantee) 

Your Reliability Leadership Coach

Customized coaching to your plant's specific needs and wants.   This can be all remote or on-site for as little as one day.

Career, Resume, 

and Interview Coach

Do you have a Career coach? I know what manufacturing teams are looking for in candidates.  Remotely, I can assess and edit your resume and prepare you for an interview. 


I'd love to be your career  coach. 

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